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Along with millions of players in the world, Bola Sbobet has grown so fast and this game leaves so many stories behind which are the original facts.

Interesting Facts of Bola bandar sbobet casino Remains Today

Along with millions of players in the world, card game especially Holdem has grown so fast but this game leaves the stories and histories behind. The history will not be forgotten because those are the parts of Bola Sbobet. However, if you remember or know about this game, there are many stories that can be traced back.

What are the Interesting Facts about Bola Sbobet

You can play Bola Sbobet online or in person but this game is not the latest invention, yet, there are hundreds facts you don’t know just like:

  • Card game is evolved from the ancient Chinese game called domino

The exact origins of this card game are basically unknown because some countries admitted to be the first and they had the similar game like it. However, it is said that card game was evolved from various games in the centuries including domino. Domino came from china and history said that Emperor Mu-Tsung has played it on the New Year’s Eve along with his wife back in 969 A.D.

  • The best and highest buy in ever in 2012

Some people play this game from low until middle stakes but it was different for a CEO of Cirque Du Soleil named Guy Laliberte since he went to broke and compete the tournament back in 2012 with $1 million for the buy in. Around 48 players joined in the dramatic game and the winner was Antonio Esfandiari with $18,346,673

After knowing the facts of Bola Sbobet, what do you think? Do you dare to play with high buy in? Something like that is not going to happen anymore.

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