Great Western Jazz Co.

Bob McTeare (t,flg) John Lancaster (reeds) Paul Hawkins (tr) Jerry Tilley (g) John Chapman (bg) Bobby Stephens (d)

Although only formed in 2006, most of the members of the band have known each other for many years, playing in various groups throughout the West Country, and, in some cases, have jazz pedigrees going back to the heady days of the great British jazz revival in the 1950’s ! Current band philosophy allows us the freedom to experiment with different styles, arrangements and harmonic structures whilst retaining the free ‘ad-lib’ improvisation, both individual and collective, that is at the heart of jazz music.

Bob McTeare (leader: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, vocals)
Formerly with St Ives based group ‘Jazz Foundation’, and a central figure on the Cornish jazz scene for many years; has played with many of the great names in jazz. Very proud of his Scottish ancestry, but refuses point blank to wear his kilt on band dates.

John Lancaster (Clarinet and saxes: soprano, alto and tenor)
Played with Cornwall’s well known ‘ New Jubilee Jazz Band ‘ and also leads his own quartet. Assures us that the black rings round his eyes were caused solely by constant binocular use during his days on ‘Coast Watch’ duties.

Paul Hawkins (Trombone)
With Bristol’s ‘Bluenote Jazz Band’ for many years. Former philatelist ( not to be confused with philanderer or philanthropist); now keen painter, gardener, grandad and Merlot enthusiast, but not necessarily in that order.

Great Western Jazz Co

Great Western Jazz Co

Jerry Tilley (Solo and Rhythm Guitar)
The man with a past ! Played for several years with a group called ‘The Comets’, led by a chap called Bill Haley. Now happily a completely reformed character, and enjoying life as a confirmed jazzer.

John Chapman (Bass Guitar)
Another stalwart from ‘Jazz Foundation’, John has the look of experience about his every move, and has often been mistaken for Keith Richards. Is extremely sensitive to any mention
of a group from his distant past called ‘The Staggerlees’.

Bobby Stephens (Drums)
Also formerly with ‘Jazz Foundation’, and the power house behind the band. Well known for his loud laugh and witty repartee, the band likes to give him plenty of room to express himself.

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  • Abbreviations:

    Abbreviations: (as) alto sax, (b) acoustic bass, (bjo) banjo, (bg) bass guitar, (bs) baritone sax, (cl) clarinet, (ct) cornet, (eg) electric guitar, (flg) flugel horn, (g) guitar, (kb) keyboard, (p) piano, (perc) percussion, (sousa) sousaphone, (t) trumpet, (tr) trombone, (ts) tenor sax, (vtr) valve trombone, (vibes) vibraphone, (viol) violin, (voc) voice.

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