Gilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble

Gilad Atzmon (reeds) Frank Harrison (p) Yaron Stavi (b) Chris Higginbottom (d)

Gilad Atzmon

Gilad has been coming to Swanage since 1998, shortly after he arrived in Britain, and has been entertaining and stunning audiences with firebrand performances packed with drama, pathos, luscious harmonies and wit. Frank Harrison joined him in 2001, when the band recorded Nostalgic, its first CD, which showed the breadth of Gilad’s musical imagination. The Orient House Ensemble combines stunning musicianship with intense emotional commitment to the music, which draws on many traditions, but has its roots very much in bebop.

Gilad’s quartet combines four excellent soloists work in one of the tightest ensembles around. Gilad combines stunning musicianship with intense emotional commitment in all his music. The music draws on many traditions, but has its roots very much in bebop. Gilad will also play a set with Alan Barnes.

The Ensemble is back on the road with their recent recordings of “The Lowest Common Denominator”, featuring Alan Barnes, and Gilad’s tribute to John Coltrane.

For more about Gilad, his web site address is

Some press comments:

‘A formidable improvisational array…a jazz giant steadily drawing himself up to his full height…’ The Guardian

“The fiery Atzmon took his show from a demure chamber-music lilt to a Coltrane-inspired roar and back, and the crowd was right there through it all.” Guardian Live Review

“Atzmon’s fluid lyricism is in full flow on songbook classics and worldly originals. But as sweet romance morphs to modernist uncertainty, the bittersweet balance and rich emotional palette equally impress.” Financial Times

“Gilad Atzmon, the expat Israeli saxophonist/clarinetist, combines thrilling jazz musicianship with a maverick political intelligence” Guardian

“One of the finest alto players around, Gilad pays his respects to Bird …It’s striking how similar Gilad’s sweet, open-throated sound is to Parker’s, but as you’d expect from the fiery philosopher-turned-Blockhead, this is no tribute album.” BBC Music Magazine March 2009

Gilad Atzmon

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