Baby Jools’ Jazzaholics

Denny Ilett (t) John Maddocks (reeds) Mike Owen (tr) Brian Mellor (bjo) Jim Swinnerton (b) Julyan “Baby Jools” Aldridge (d)

Led by a fantastic young New Orleans- style drummer, and featuring a mix of established names and young stars, this is a very popular and talented band which plays highly danceable music.

“Baby Jools” is part of the new youth movement in old school New Orleans jazz. The Gloucester musician has spent much of his time as the drummer with Jim McIntosh and Max Collie, but the Jazzaholics have now been together for seven years, and since Jim moved to Germany Julyan has taken over the leadership duties.

Baby Jools" Jazzaholics

Baby Jools’ Jazzaholics

Julyan started playing drums at the age of six, rumbling around to the accompaniment of his father’s record collection. By the age of 17, he’d already joined the Millennium Eagle Jazz Band. He favours the authentically clunky sound of the 1920s and 30s, emphasising his collection of woodblocks and rolling out a particularly resonant snare and bass drum clatter. The Jazzaholics repertoire differs from most such outfits, as they’re very likely to throw in a large shot of rock’n’roll.

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