Sarah Bolter and Not Just Sax

Sarah Bolter (sax) Ray Shea (p) Peter Maxfield (b) Johnny Eyden (d)

Sarah Bolter

Sarah Bolter

Sarah’s first playing experiences were with  local big bands, primarily the New Dorset Dance Orchestra. In this big band, Sarah was lucky to have played alongside excellent saxophonists, including the late Bill Brown and Johnny Watmough. At the age of 13yrs, Sarah also was lucky to be invited to be a guest soloist with the Johnny Howard Orchestra playing the ‘Black Bottom’ and the ’12th Street Rag’ on the clarinet. At 15yrs, Sarah was introduced to Tony Arnold  who owned a local studio, ‘Arnies Shack’. Tony was in the process of putting together and sponsering a local ‘pop’ band. This was the start of the next seven years of writing/recording/performing and ‘living’ in the studio, with ‘The Chase’, (changing its name later to ‘Sportsday’). The band was also used as ‘session’ players, either together or individually for artists booked into the studio. Following  years of  recording and publishing contracts and support gigs, Sarah moved on to join all girl band ‘Persia’ (later changing its name to ‘Dear Jon’). This was another few years of support tours and recordings and promises!! In this time they were featured on TV for being runner up’s in the Yamaha band competition and later Dear Jon went on to release a couple of singles. Sarah also worked with internationally acclaimed progressive rock band ‘Galahad’, featuring on four of their albums.

‘ Not Just Sax’ has gone from strength to strength and features Ray Shea still on piano, Pete Maxfield on double bass and Johnny Eyden on drums. All of the musicians have years of experience in the jazz field, including Pete touring with Andy Sheppard for 15yrs, Ray at Ronnie Scotts and on a support tour with Tubby Hayes and John being featured on radio 2 every day for two years with organist Harry Stoneham. ‘Not Just Sax’ have performed all over the south of England including ‘Stompin On The Quomps’ in Christchurch, The Woodman at Sevenoaks, Jazz On The Quay, the Bulls Head at Barnes and The Studio on the IOW.

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    Abbreviations: (as) alto sax, (b) acoustic bass, (bjo) banjo, (bg) bass guitar, (bs) baritone sax, (cl) clarinet, (ct) cornet, (eg) electric guitar, (flg) flugel horn, (g) guitar, (kb) keyboard, (p) piano, (perc) percussion, (sousa) sousaphone, (t) trumpet, (tr) trombone, (ts) tenor sax, (vtr) valve trombone, (vibes) vibraphone, (viol) violin, (voc) voice.

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