New Orleans Heat

Richard Church (ct, t) Roger Bird (reeds) Dave Vickers (tr) Barry Grummett (p) Harry Slater (b) Alan Birkinhead (bjo) Colin Bushell (d) 

New Orleans Heat

New Orleans Heat

Barry Grummett leads this powerful and exciting band playing the old-style traditional New Orleans jazz. They are very popular at clubs and festivals in Britain and Europe. A seven piece band playing the old style New Orleans jazz, recreating the music of the crescent city,  be it a stomp, blues, hymn, spiritual or pop song of the day.In the style of the late great, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands. Our motto is “helping to keep the real jazz alive”

Barry, from Loughborough, started playing solo piano in pubs and clubs at the age of 15 and, inspired by Fats Domino, went on to join rock’n’roll and blues bands. In 1976 he formed his own New Orleans-style band which ran until he joined the Chris Blount Band in 1992. On Chris’ death, he took over the leadership of the group which was eventually renamed New Orleans Heat. His Alton Purnell-style driving piano is a key component in the band’s sound.

Harry Slater has played all over Europe and the USA, including a memorable appearance at Preservation Hall, New Orleans, in 1967, and has backed many of the jazz stars visiting the UK, including Alton Purnell, Kid Sheik, Louis Nelson andThomas Jefferson. Not bad for someone who started out as a tea-chest bass skiffler at  the age of 16. Harry bought his first double bass in 1958 and went on to feature in a number of leading British New Orleans-style jazz bands, including the Les Devotees Jazz Men and the bands of Dave Brennan and Chris Blount, before becoming a permanent member of the Blount band in 1973.

Colin Bushell, from near Gloucester, started playing drums at the age of 15 and first became interested in New Orleans jazz when he saw the George Lewis Band in Bristol in the late Fifties. He stopped playing when he was 18 because of work commitments, but resumed in 1978/9 with the Gloucestershire-based Roy Kirby Paragon Jazz Band. Colin has played with many of the West Country bands and at clubs and festivals around the country and abroad. “I have been lucky and privileged to have met and played with musicians who are dedicated New Orleans players,” he says. “It is such a pleasure to see people dancing and enjoying the sound of the New Orleans music.”.

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